Snack Bar

Hooded Sweatshirt
$30 for sizes up to large (add $5 for xl and up)
Color:  Gray  Black  Green   Size: S  M  L  XL XXL XXXL   
The snack bar is open every day during Little League season. 
Scott's Hot Dog

Price: $1.50 

  Add Chili or cheese for $0.50 each
Jovani's Chili Cheese Nachos
Price: $2.50
  Add jalapenos or extra cheese for $0.50 each
Sunrise Nachos
Price: $2.00
Add jalapenos or extra cheese for $0.50 each

Pizza Guy's Pizza
Price: $2.50
  Cheese or pepperoni
Canned Soda
Price: $1.00
Bottled Water
Price: $1.00

Price: $2.00
Hot Apple Cider
Price: $1.00
 Spiced or Mott's
Hot Chocolate/ Coffee
Price: $1.00
Candy, Chips, Sunflower seeds, Cookies, Pretzels, Corn nuts, candy bars, beef sticks, bagged snacks
Price: $1.00 
Ring Pop
Price: $0.50
Price: $1.00
Big League Chew Gum, Baby bottle pops, Push pops, RIP Rolls, Gummy savors
Price: $2.00 
Meal Deal #1
Meal Deal includes 1 Scott's hot dog, 1 soda or water and 1 bag of chips. 
Meal Deal #2
1 Slice of Pizza, 1 soda or water, and 1 bag of chip
Meal Deal #1 Price: $3.00
  Meal Deal #2 Price: $4.00
 Add chili or cheese for $0.50 each
Double Bubble Gum
Price: 5 for $0.25

Now & Later Candy
Price: 4 for $1.00  
Cup of Noodles
Price: $1.00
Cup of Chili
Price: $1.00
Grape Jelly Uncrustables
Price: $1.50
Donuts (Saturdays ONLY!)
Price: $1.00 (each while supplies last)  

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